After 30 days, the Aloha From Lavaland Kickstarter campaign has officially ended. Over the month-long period, we received support from over 90 wonderful backers, raising 143 percent of our total goal. Thank you so much for making it happen – these funds will be used to submit the film to festivals, and more.

Mahalo to Our Kickstarter Backers:

Donna Hock
Detlef Gall
Charlene Blount
Richard Skidmore
Sunny Lofton
Cherie McArthur
Michael Berry
James Brecher
Randa Delyria
Eileen Hogan
Malina Fagan
Lynn Pelletier
Marla Rand
Joyce Phillips
Kristen O’Guin
Lisa Alpine
Jaclyn King
Kris and DiAnn Roberts
Meg Roberts
Danielle Murray
Mark Snyder
Mark Eisenberg
Arngunnur Yr
Littlest Winslow
Sky Sierann Kubby
Steven Seva Roland
Amy Payson
James A. Turner
Julie DePinna Armer
Mark Connors
Tammy Moser
Grady Greer
Attila Pohlmann
Brian Richard Smith
Megan Blazak
Dena Smith Givens
Jillian Berry
Roger Longman
Harold H. Sylvester
Andrew Crusoe
Ashley Campbell
Geoff Souder
Scott Dougherty
A.T. Escobedo
Kristin LaJeunesse
Rebecca Osborne
Allan Reaves
Robin Metze
Samantha Sunshine
Mac Connor
Deya Dova
Jacqueline Sanchez
Raybo Ji
Jason Hallman
Kenneth Helmen
Riox Frosher
Bella O’Toole
Neva Winter
Michael Becker
Jody Plumley
Taylor Powell
Jane Glesne
Karin Weule
Karen O’Brien
Melissa Robins
Mary Rose Lili’uokalani Love
Debra Centurion
Jon Robertson
Christi Duffett
Cindy Hinshaw
Luella Cook
Matt Mettalia
Doris Burke
Human Julia
Linda Maljovec
Iliahi Curtis
Terry Lombardi Nalls
Katherine Hall
Laura Oudinot
Frank Asch
Lori and Chris Dulaney
Justin Gurevitch
Carol McGrath
Marcia Galleher

3 thoughts on “Aloha From Lavaland Kickstarter Successful!

    • Hi Mary – We have emailed you several times to the email address listed here ( Is this your correct email? If so, please check your spam folder – maybe our emails are landing there.


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