On June 27 2014, Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupted and lava began flowing directly toward the center of Pahoa, a small rural town on the big island of Hawai’i. Hard to predict and impossible to stop, the flow threatened to cut off the town’s main access road, which would leave the residents of this already isolated community to rely solely on one another.

Produced in conjunction by Gift Culture Media, Larkin Pictures and Pure Mother Love, Aloha from Lavaland is an award-winning documentary that explores 
what it really means to live in such an unpredictable paradise, and what the incident can teach the rest of the world about community, sustainability, harmony, and aloha.

Shot and produced by several Pahoa community members, Aloha From Lavaland offers a unique insider’s look at life in the midst of a slow motion disaster.

The documentary interviews dozens of Pahoa community members, with key interviews from notable community members and experts including:

P1020720 00001107Harry Jim, Hawaiian cultural expert and healer
P1080049 00014905“Uncle” Samuel Keliihoomalu, Hawaiian community leader
Jen 2Jen Rasmussen, local apiculturist, founder of Paradise Nectar Apiaries
unnamed-1Scott Laaback, local permaculture and sustainability expert
P1100033 00060416Samantha and Eiligh Rush, Sustainability Experts, Co-founders Purple Coop Farm


A percentage of the film’s profits will be donated to the Compassionate Eye Foundation to help empower those in developing nations advance toward further educational opportunities, basic health services and tools for economic success.