Zenne 3Co-director and cinematographer Suzenne “Zenne” Seradwyn is a video creatrix currently based on The Big Island of Hawaii. An independent filmmaker on over 100 short films and documentaries, she has worked professionally in academia and non-profits, as well as for a diverse group of artists, dancers and musicians. View her work at



734566_10101595677671006_8689114888804357462_nCo-director, editor and cinematographer Phillips Payson is a Big Island-based filmmaker and the Technical Director for the Hawaii International Film Festival. A graduate of the Transmedia Film program at Syracuse University, Payson has directed and edited his own narrative feature film, as well as several short films. Payson spent several years working with Deluxe New York, a full service post production house in New York City. He is co-founder of the Big Island based production company Larkin Pictures.





Writer and producer Zoe Eisenberg has written and produced several feature and short films, music videos, commercials and photo shoots. A published author, she is co-founder of the Big Island-based production company Larkin Pictures. View her work at



19787_10153307951479747_7634470340600434552_nExecutive Producer Robert Kent is an award-winning photographer based on the Big Island of Hawaii. The founder of Gift Culture Media, Kent has over three decades of experience in high-quality production work for clients including Union Bank. Kent is also the founder of Compassionate Eye Foundation, a non-profit that empowers developing nations in order to expand educational opportunities, basic health services and tools for economic success. In the past decade, Compassionate Eye Foundation has raised over $3 million for projects in developing nations. View his work at